Website Design

Wolf Byte is a Bournemouth-based digital agency, which provides interactive websites to help our clients engage with their customers and build beneficial relationships. Adopting a client-centric approach, we work closely with the individuals and businesses who approach us to gain an in-depth understanding of their overarching aims and ambitions. This allows us to create the perfect website within their budget to enhance their brand and boost their profile.

Responsive Web Design

One of our specialties is the creation of responsive websites. Such a design feature is important due to the ever-increasing number of web visitors who use mobile devices to access online content as opposed to a desktop, and who expect a prime viewing experience.

Such websites are likely to rank higher than traditional alternatives, as Google rewards mobile optimised platforms, using it as a ranking signal in search results. This means a significant SEO boost for those who take advantage.

Interactive Web Design

Wolf Byte ensure all of the content created is interactive. This is a great way for businesses like yours to change how people feel about your website. Allowing them to shape their experience according to their preferences, it means you can personalise the time they spend on-site to optimise customer engagement and increase your likelihood of securing a sale.

Super fast hosting

We offer managed, hassle-free UK web hosting for a year as part of our website design and development package, we can guarantee super-fast on-site speeds, SSD storage, free SSL, and a domain to help you create a more polished and professional image.

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